MonoSter music software is designed to combine and record mono wav files onto separate tracks to create a single stereo audio file. Design your own demo cd's with Segue data Systems revolutionary product line. Enhancing the musical experience!

MonoSter Software
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Convert your audio files to stereo
and make your own demo CD!

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Process Mono WAV Files
Turn mono WAV files generated by your Audio Editing program into a CD recordable stereo file quickly and easily.  Compatible with most popular editors including
Session 8™, Cakewalk™, Homestudio™, and Sound Forge™.

Make Your Demo CD
Collect your audio files into a clear simple cue list and record the files as tracks on a standard audio CD.  You can also directly play any file in the cue list.

Combine and Record Different Mono WAV Files
Mono WAV files that are different (i.e. they have different names, content, and file names) can be processed to create a  single stereo audio file.  MonoSter processing inserts one of the files  into the stereo file as the 'left' channel, and the other as the 'right' channel.  The user chooses the resulting stereo WAV file's name and location.  The 'stereo' file can be recorded and played like any normal stereo WAV file.  This allows interesting special effects and also doubles the mono recording capacity of a CD, for Mono playbacks such as lectures and book readings, etc.

Full Technical Instructions and Visual Interface
We have provided the full technical instructions online.  It also includes a visual representation of how the MonoSter works with a screen by screen view of our ingenious software product.