MonoSter music software is designed to combine and record mono wav files onto separate tracks to create a single stereo audio file. Design your own demo cd's with Segue data Systems revolutionary product line. Enhancing the musical experience!

MonoSter Technical Instructions
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Step 1:  Process Mono WAV Files

Turn mono WAV files generated by your Audio Editing program into a CD recordable stereo file quickly and easily. 

Use the mono WAV files generated by your editor to make a cue list for processing and for recording a CD.

MonoSter opens a blank window in the upper half of the screen and the Windows Explorer window in the lower half.  This arrangement makes it simple to browse for and select the mono WAV files that you want to process.  Simply drag-and-drop the desired files onto the MonoSter window and they will appear on a cuelist.

The cuelist is clearly shown in the MonoSter window along with additional information such as the source and destination paths.  Selecting the menu item 'Start/Stop - Start' will then create stereo files from the mono files on the cuelist.  This is done separately in your computer so you can minimize the MonoSter window letting your computer work on other programs while MonoSter is processing the mono WAV files.

The processing leaves the base mono files undisturbed so they can be used later in your music editor for further modifications.  If the 'Convert' option in 'Processing/Options' is checked MonoSter will convert a 48 kHz file to the standard CD recording sampling rate of 44.1 kHz.

Optionally you can create a stereo file from mono files of different lengths, or even from totally different mono files with different names and file locations.

The MonoSter options also include the choice of not dragging and dropping any mono file pair that already have a stereo file with the same name in the folder.  This option is checked as a default.  Also checked as a default is zeroing the last 8000 bytes of the resulting stereo WAV file.  This represents about 1/5 seconds worth of sound data.  It deletes an end-of-file artifact, a 'pop'-like sound, that some music editing applications generate when working on WAV files.

Step 2:  Make Your Demo CD

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