Frequently Asked Questions

What is Segue data Systems?  Segue data Systems is the commercial products group of a Southern California research and development company.  After many years of designing prototypes and products for others, we are presenting our designs to the public.

What is EqPhase/EqSound?  Our new product family which tests the phasing of sound sources including amplifiers and speakers.  Click here for more information.

What is MonoSter?  Monoster began its' life as a series of ‘helpers’ for Session 8, a popular sound editing tool.  As it became more and more capable, we decided to make it into a product with a windows interface and extra capability.  Click here for more information.

Shipping?  We ship by US Post Office, first class.  Customers can request overnight FedX service at additional charge.

Tech help?  Help with Monoster, and EqPhase when available, can be had by e-mail at or by calling 818-558-1222.


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