Segue data Systems is a musical engineering firm that designs revolutionary sound enhancing equipment and devices. Our products include audio testing hardware and wav file conversion software that is beneficial to musicians and the recording industry. We are recreating the way you generate music!


Audio System Testing


Only $99.95
(plus shipping and handling)
A low cost device to measure the phase of audio equipment.  Easily check the phasing of speakers, amps, computer sound cards, and CD players for your increased listening pleasure.


Only $99.95
(plus shipping and handling)
A companion to EqPhase which acts as an audio source, enabling the testing of microphones.  This device can inject a test signal anywhere in your audio system for EqPhase to sense.

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MonoSter Software

MonoSter is an amazing piece of sound enhancing software that converts your audio files to stereo.   Process mono WAV files, combine and record different mono WAV files, organize your CD lists easily and efficiently, convert 48 KHz files to 44.1 KHz files for CD creation, and then make your very own demo CD.  Our software is quick and easy to use.  MonoSter is the audio editing software of the future!
Only $29.95
(plus shipping and handling)

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